16th January, 2017

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9th January, 2017

MAX have released new all-in-one lighting kits which are now available from DJ City! There are two versions; a DJ Lighting… Read more

6th January, 2017

Smoke Machines are arguably the coolest way to make your party a memorable, ultimate night. Seeing the beams of light cut across… Read more

3rd January, 2017

DJ City have just received a massive range of brand new Beamz products! From laser lights, to strobes and bubble machines! Some… Read more

10 things that happened in 2016 banner
30th December, 2016

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new years eve party hire packs
26th December, 2016

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23rd December, 2016

We are very excited to announce that DJ City Brisbane will be opening in 2017! DJ City has grown in Melbourne, expanded… Read more

19th December, 2016

Need to do some last minute Christmas shopping? Head down to your local DJ City store this week for extra savings… Read more

19th December, 2016

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16th December, 2016

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