Stage lighting fixtures aren’t what they used to be, moving light to create and alter mood is now accessible to everybody and not just your lighting specialists. Our range of intelligent led including Moving Heads, Scanners, and Washes has advanced in leaps and bounds, makes lighting easy.  Our fixtures are perfect for any scale event or venue. Easy to use, and equipped with the latest LED technology for a long lifespan and low power consumption.

Gone are the days of heavy and fragile globes in old fashioned par cans that run super hot and will cook anybody on stage. LED lighting is taking over and makes for the perfect stage light. They are lightweight, easy to transport, run cool and have no globes in them to replace.

With very little maintenance and extremely low running costs, these led stage lights are the way to go. The technology has become incredibly advanced and allows for endless options in theatre lighting and more! We are able to create literally trillions of different colours out of a single unit without the hassle of needing coloured gels that need replacing every few months. You can even control some via Bluetooth technology, making moving light & changing the mood an easily accessible feature for all levels of performances.

The team at your local DJ City store are ready to give you a demonstration of some of these powerful fixtures. Don’t hesitate to come in or you can contact our specialists online.