PA 100 Volt Line
For all your 100v needs DJ City has a range of amplifiers to get the most out of your in-line sound systems. With a range of power outputs and the capacity to add extra power these 100v line amps are easy to use and will provide years of reliable performance. PA 100 Volt Line offers outstanding value for money, these amps for perfect for PA applications- come in today to see the friendly staff at DJ to discuss your PA needs.

100 Volt Line Speakers are also referred to as constant-voltage speaker systems. Volt speakers are typically a network of loudspeakers connected to an audio amplifier. They feature simplified impedance calculations, minimising power loss over the speaker cables. They are constant voltage systems because at full power, the voltage in the system doesn’t depend on the number of speakers driven, provided the amplifier’s maximum power is not exceeded).

We stock a range of ceiling speakers, amps and outdoor speakers for all your entertainment needs.