DJ Headphones

An often overlooked, though critical aspect of a DJ set up is the humble DJ headphones. Used for cuing up your next track and previewing effects, mixing becomes very difficult without the assistance of a good pair of headphones. Also very useful for blocking out often incredibly loud background noise, headphones can protect your hearing in the long run, allowing for a longer career behind the decks. Don’t underestimate the difference a good pair of headphones can make.

Choose from a huge range of headphones in a variety of different colours and styles. Collapsible headphones are perfect for mobile DJs looking for compact and lightweight gear to take from gig to gig. On-Ear headphones are popular as they present a nice portable alternative to more bulky over-ear models. If you’re keen on noise cancelling, you might prefer over-ear headphones – maybe you just find them more comfortable.

Whether you want top DJ Headphones or headphones just for easy listening or practising at home, there will be something in the range for you. Our range includes famous pioneer dj headphones.

If you’re a travelling DJ, you might want to consider a headphones case to keep your valuable equipment protected from dust and damage.

DJ City stock some of the best dj headphones on the market in a range of styles and colours.