DJ Software

Analogue feel, Digital soul- that’s the magic of a DJ Software system, or better known as DVS System. By using DVS you have the ability to mix your digital music files using analogue turntables and time coded vinyl. Then connected to your computer via an external sound card. Now users of DVS can mix the thousands of songs on their computers using their favourite turntables. No longer have to sift through or carry around crates upon crates of records. Simply turn your vinyl to digital.

With Vinyl Records making a comeback, you may be in need of a DVS sooner than you think! All of your favourite artists are releasing their music on vinyls again like we’re back in the 80s. A Vinyl Record, or LP, is an analogue sound storage medium which was first introduced in Columbia in 1948. The art of DJing is coming alive again as DJs are resorting back to classic turntables.

Everything you need for your DJ Software setup is stocked at DJ City including Traktor Scratch DJ Software, DJ Sound Cards and other Accessories.

Vinyl timecode and more from the world’s most popular brands such as Behringer, Reloop, Native Instruments and Numark.