Analogue Mixers

PA Analogue Mixers are the most commonly found in the industry. Includes a range of sizes and features from 4 channel to 32 channel by brands such as Behringer.

Getting the signal from several microphones, guitars, keyboards and other devices to a single stereo output is the aim of the game with these mixers and a must have piece of equipment for any band.

Here you will find our great selection of awesome PA mixers and will definitely find the right one to complete your PA set up.

To create the perfect sound you need to combine inputs from microphones and instruments and adjust their volume and EQ individually so that they create a comprehensive sound.

Some audio mixers also feature digital effects which can be applied to individual channels or the entire mix, adding extra character to your overall sound.

Sound Mixers come in a range of sizes based upon the number of inputs and outputs. A small band, for example, might prefer a smaller mixer which accommodates for a handful of sources. On the other hand, large consoles can accommodate for larger applications such as mixing an orchestra.