DJ Table

DJ Table, from Workstations to retro workbenches suitable for home use and commercial club use. DJ in style with modern, sturdy DJ stands.

DJ Screens and carry bags available for an elegant background. Perfect for weddings and corporate functions.

Studio workstations for the optimum music office to keep your screen and studio monitors elevated, giving you plenty of space to let your creativity flow. With Vinyl Records making a comeback, the art of DJing is coming alive again as DJs are resorting back to classic turntables. Workstations are made big enough to fit your precious turntables and a mixer, allow you to stand ergonomically.

Modern, stylish colours stocked including white, black, walnut and clear. They look fantastic around the house and at a gig. Desks well suited to DJ Controllers, Vinyls and Mixers for optimum work space when making and playing tracks.

Every DJ Table, DJ Screen and Workstation, is made from strong, durable materials from the best furniture brands including Glorious.