Microphone Stands

Something as simple as a microphone stand can change your performances and recording sessions. Who wants the hassle of holding a microphone while performing? We stock a range of microphone stands designed to securely hold your microphone in place while you freely move around and perform. If you are in the studio? Capturing a perfect performance is key. A strong mic stand holding the microphone in place is vital, maybe you need a mic boom arm to stop handling your microphone. handling the mic creates a lot of unwanted noise in your recording.

We stock the right rode mic stand for you or our Gravity stands are impeccable quality, we will help you find the right stand for your needs.

Our range of stands is vast, we have a microphone stand that will let you freely perform and then another to ensure your recordings are quality. Need a short microphone stand or a desk mount microphone stand? A boom stand or mic boom arm? A tripod stand or a round base? We have all of the microphone stand options to full fill your individual needs.

For so many reasons, microphones are a key component to any studio set up. Having an ergonomic workspace in your studio is easily achievable, with the simple addition of equipment like a desk mic stand or a boom mic stand. Likewise with the stage, having the right gear provides ease and comfort for your performances. With this in mind, we have a vast range of stands to make sure you can find the right microphone with stand for your needs. Our team of professionals at DJ City will happily guide you in the right direction.

Feel free to come into your local store and check out our range or we have a microphone and stand that will suit your needs, otherwise we are online and ready to answer your questions.