Lighting Bags
Not only do your light and speaker stands serve a vitally practical purpose of elevating and displaying your gear in a safe and efficient way; they also serve as part of the overall aesthetics of your show. With that in mind it is very important to keep your lighting and light stand in excellent condition with no scratches or dints. It is for this reason we stock a wide range of lighting bags in varying shapes and sizes specifically designed to store and transport your lighting fixtures and all important stand and accessories.

Lights can be fragile, many feature moving LED panels and motors with glass or plastic lenses that can break if mishandled, dropped or knocked and for best dispersion of light are usually in big, bulky and awkward housings. To protect your investment and keep them looking like new as well as providing a great way to transport your lights many of these bags feature padded walls and internal dividers as well as tough zips, adhesive locks and comfy handles.

Available at DJ City, these great lighting covers will virtually eliminate the risk associated with transporting precious lighting gear.