DMX Controllers

To take control of your DJ or Pro Lighting and be able to dictate when the effect changes, what colour is projected and the movement of the motors – you need to control your lights via DMX. DMX controllers are a lighting designer’s secret weapon. Program your lights, have total control and change the atmosphere and mood of a room at the click of a button.

Imagine being able to control exactly when the strobe light comes on and be able to adjust the brightness and flash rate instantly or be able to change the colour of the LED par cans instantly without having to access the units itself- what about being able to direct your intelligent lighting to an exact location on stage?

All of this is possible with the wonders of a DMX Lighting Controller! Take total control of your light show with these great DMX controllers today!

Available in analogue and digital formats so you can either use physical faders or your computer as a means of DMX control.