A microphone is a transducer that converts sound into an electrical signal. Microphones are used for a variety of applications including public address systems, both live and recorded audio engineering, radio and television broadcasting.

Microphone technology today primarily uses electromagnetic induction, this is most commonly known as dynamic. If a microphone has a capacitance change, the term is condenser, and then another option is to use piezoelectricity, known as the piezoelectric mic. These features produce an electrical signal from air pressure variations.

We stock a range of dynamic microphones from lapel and headset mics, to entire wireless micraphone systems and all the accessories you may need. The biggest brands include Shure, Sennheiser, LD Systems and Behringer and we stock them all. Accessories include mic clips, pop filters, and windsocks.

Popular Vintage Microphones are also available, with a classic style and high-quality sound.

Contact us or visit us in store for assistance in deciding on the right micro phone is for you. With a large range and so many potential applications, it can easily become overwhelming. We’d love to help find the right one for your needs to make you sound your best for your next performance or presentation.