Pioneer DJ is the biggest DJ brand in the world. Their mixers and controllers, including the popular CDJ and DJM units, are used by the best DJ acts worldwide.

As creators of the legendary CDJ series, Pioneer DJ have truly solidified their strong foothold within the entertainment industry. Continually developing new and revolutionary products for the DJ market, Pioneer are always at the forefront of the forever evolving world of DJing.

Breaking new ground with the release of the DJM2000 and the entire NEXUS range of CDJ players and DJM mixers; Pioneer DJ can be found in almost every club, venue or entertainment centre all over the world.
Pioneer entered the digital DJ market with their DDJ-T1 and DDJ-S1. Since then, they have developed this technology into revolutionary incredible controllers such as the DDJ-1000, DDJ-SX3 and DDJ-RZX. They also produced the first Wi-Fi compatible controller to work with your iPhone or iPad, the XDJ-AERO. As a result, most other brands started introducing tablet support. Even Pioneer later perfected this format of DJing with the DDJ-ERGO.

Pioneer have been, and forever will be, the standard to which every other piece of DJ equipment is measured against. Because of this, they are the industry standard and the single most sought after brand of MIDI controllers, mixers, media players, CD players & headphones.

All Pioneer products Sold by DJ City are covered by a 12 Month Warranty. Furthermore, all Pioneer products sold by DJ City are original and new; and are suitable to be used in Australia for Australian conditions.