Field Recorders

Field Recorders are a portable audio capturing device used to record on location sounds for applications like film recording.

The portable audio recorder or field recorder lets you record audio on the go. Unlike the audio field mixer, audio recorders can record sound separate from the camcorder and microphone connections.

You can mount audio recorders to your camcorder or use them independently to log your audio to SD/SDHC flash cards to later transfer onto a computer’s hard drive for editing. This in itself is a great benefit to owning a digital audio recorder. Along with the ability to record your own samples or practice and modern field recorders often have audio interfaces built-in, making your field recorder an extremely flexible device.,

As in movie productions, you have the luxury of editing your soundtrack in a post-production environment. When it comes to video production, no sound equipment bag is all-inclusive without a portable field mixer and field recorder.

Many important pieces of equipment popular the world of video productions, but the audio field mixers and recorders transcend the profession by delivering unparalleled reproduced sound that generates maximum results over the camera operator working the sound.