USB Microphones

USB Microphones are the perfect way to connect to your laptop and record/playback. Great for interviews, podcasts, voiceovers, or quick reference recordings, USB microphones have become ubiquitous thanks to their plug-and-play convenience. Let’s face it: when you’re on the go, it’s pretty challenging to carry and handle traditional microphones and other recording tools. That’s why the USB mic has proven itself to be extremely handy: you only need one cable and you’ll instantly turn your computer or laptop into your portable recording studio. Podcasters, home studio musicians, and reporters all use USB mics as they function the same as traditional microphones (diaphragm, capsule, and more), but with the major convenience of not requiring any additional gear to interface with your computer or tablet.

We have a range of condenser and dynamic USB microphones. Condenser Microphones are most commonly used in a studio environment and are designed specifically for picking up all surrounding noise they feature extended frequency response ranges and are perfect for recording and music production, or for tracking vocals and pianos. For tracking guitars, basses, and drums, you’ll need ad dynamic USB mic, which can handle higher sound pressure levels and are ideal for loud instruments, we have a large range to suit any of your needs.

Need more guidance? Have any questions? Can’t decide? Our DJ City team is backed by expert sound engineers and musicians, to make sure you purchase the best USB microphone for you. You can contact us in-store or online.