Lighting Stand Scrims

Lighting Stand Scrims come in a variety of both colours and type. There are three different types of lighting stand covers, they come in Single, Double and Triple sided panel. This is dependant on how many sides of your Lighting tripod you a looking to cover. All three types of Lighting scrims come in both Black and White colours.

Lighting stands scrims are beneficial to any set-up using a lighting stand. They achieve multiple uses such as hiding unsightly cabling from your lights. Creating the illusion of your stand being a larger more solid structure. Creating a more sleek and cleaner look to any set-up. Finally the White scrims can actually turn a basic ugly looking lighting stand into a Lighting fixture itself!. With the help of just a generic LED par can placed at the base of the stand, when the scrim is attached the entire stand illuminates. This creates a unique effect that looks amazing, especially when running multiple scrim covered stands.