Speaker Scrims

Speaker Cabinet Scrims come in a variety of both colours and type. There are two different types of Speaker scrim, they come in 10″ and 15″. This is dependant on the size of the speaker you are looking to cover. Both types of Speaker scrims come in both Black and White colours.

Speaker scrims are beneficial to any set-up using powered or passive Speaker. They achieve multiple uses such as hiding unsightly cabling from your speakers. Creating the illusion of your stand being a larger more solid structure. Creating a more sleek and cleaner look to any set-up. Finally they can help completely disguise your speakers. This sounds like it would not be beneficial but for the many performers out there that still choose to use older or even home made style speakers. This can completely transform your maybe not so good looking speaker boxes into something sleek, neat and professional. Perfect for use as DJ Scrims, these speaker scrim covers will take your set-up to the next level.