Moving Head Effects
Moving Head Effects are designed for a wide range of applications, delivering amazing beams and effects. Moving yokes are great for venues, DJs, and bands.

Moving head spots and washes are fantastic, but these effects take it to a whole other level.

Colour sweepers can produces a wide spread in a compact, all-in-one unit. They are super bright and feature powerful LEDs for long-lasting performance. A moving light array can deliver the performance of a standard moving head, but quadruples the effect in one fixture. Providing vibrant colours and colour mixing, these moving head arrays will truly steal the show and add something unique to your display.

A professional moving head will certainly stand out from the rest. High powered spot or beams with the option of colour mixing will allow your imagination to flow. You can literally do anything with these incredible fixtures.

Perfect for professional theatres, stage applications, live bands and DJs. Visit your local DJ City store for a demo.