Studio Subwoofers

Studio monitors are fantastic for reference use- however their performance is limited in the lower range of the audio frequency spectrum.  This is where the studio subwoofers come into play.  While maintaining incredible audio fidelity, these units are able to reproduce very low frequencies to allow users to experience the full audio spectrum while mixing and mastering all the way down to lowest of audible bass frequencies.  Make the most of your studio monitors by pairing them with a reference quality studio monitor subwoofer.

For accurate reference monitoring, you need a quality studio subwoofer.

This product range is designed for critical listening applications, and allows you to hear what is truly happening within the mix for accurate recording and mastering of your tracks. A good pair of studio monitors can make all the difference in the final mixdown of your new track.

Visit your local DJ City store for a demonstration of some high quality, studio subs.