iOS Audio Interfaces

iOS Audio Interfaces are perfect for musicians and vocalists on the go. Simply connect to an iDevice and away you go! Making music has never been easier.

An iOS Audio Interface acts as a channel between an audio source, such as a microphone, or destination, such as a pair of speakers, and your iPhone or iPad. Thus, essentially, you could call it an ipad audio interface or iphone audio interface.

To put it simply, the interface gets audio into and out of your computer. It turns analogue audio signals into digital information and vice versa. The converters which handle this process are known as AD/DA converters. The quality of these converters influence the performance of the interface, thus impacting the price.

iOS Audio Interfaces vary according to what kinds and number of connections they feature. Some operate as docks, while others simply connect to the 30-pin or lightning port of the device.

The iOS Interface can convert your handheld device into a highly portable recording device. For some, it might even be their complete studio.

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