Multicore Snake Cable

If you need to set up a large band or studio set up and are tired of running silly amounts of cables, then you can’t go past awesome a multicore cable or snake cable available exclusively at DJ City.

Have you ever had to run a bunch of cables to a single location like a stage or studio and were left with a mess of individual cables in a tangle looking unorganized and impossible to troubleshoot when something goes wrong? And how many people tripped over the mess? Or how much gaffer tape did you need to use to keep it safe? Forget all those dramas with these high-quality stage snake and multicore cable!

By combining multiple leads or one multicore cable into a stage box, you are able to increase efficiency when setting up and avoid safety hazards associated with tripping. A stage box allows for quick set up and pack up, combining up to 24 leads to a single run. In the stage box varieties, you have the junction on stage where all microphones and instruments are plugged into a labeled input which corresponds to a plug on the other end of the lead with the same number or letter. Some of the digital audio snakes don’t have a stage box, instead have plugs on either end are colour coordinated to make it a snap to see what plugs into what!