DJ Decks

DJ Decks are a fundamental tool for more advanced and professional DJs. If a beginner can get their hands on these units, even better! Most players include MP3 Players, CD, USB, SD and MIDI options.

Select between single CD players or all in one units which include two CD players and a mixer. These are the most popularly used form of DJ Equipment in the professional industry worldwide. Features a range of functions and features including sync, jog wheels, looping and effects.

In the early 2000s, the DJ Decks significantly advanced due to the famous Pioneer CDJ 1000 DJ Player. More recently, Pioneer have updated the CDJ series which remains the most widely used professional DJ Mp3 Player tool on the market.

DJ Decks are the preferred method by most professional DJs for a few reasons. First of all, the latest players host endless features and precise control options. DJ Decks allow for scratching, looping, cueing and scanning which allows them to manipulate their favourite tracks. It can even be used to playback information from a computer or USB hard drive, meaning that MP3 files can be used to save space. However, keep in mind that MP3 files don’t produce as good a sound quality as uncompressed audio from a CD.

In addition, CDs, USBs and laptops are compact and light compared to Vinyl records. This allows a DJ to carry more music with ease of transportation and therefore can be ready to play whichever song is required in the moment.