Jack Cable

Headphone extension leads, 3.5mm to twin ¼” aux cord jack cable, guitar leads, twin 6.5mm to 6.5mm jack leads- whatever size or configuration of jacks you need, chances are in your favour of finding it here! Aux cable available for connecting your media player to your car!

Whether you are using 3.5mm or 6.5mm audio jack cable, if your lead just doesn’t reach where you need it to, we have metal and moulded plastic extension leads to get your plug where it needs to be, the cable supplied with your headphones isn’t always long enough, here you will find a quality solution.

Our range of guitar leads come in a variety of lengths and quality, from outstanding value cables to industry standard connectors fit for tour use. With your choice of right angle or straight ends connecting your guitar to an amp, mixer or D.I box is a breeze.

Jack to jack cable can also be used for carrying an audio signal between various audio equipment such as DJ controllers, mixers and amplifiers.