DJ Mixers

At the heart and soul of every DJ set up is the mixer. Mixers are the foundation of audio quality and where all the magic happens in the mix. Here you can see the vast selection of mixers on offer including basic two channel units, perfect for beginner and mobile DJs, all the way up to three and four channel mixers for professional use.

DJ mixers are used by DJs as a music mixer by making smooth transitions from one track to another. A dj music mixer can be used with DJ CD Players or Media Players and Vinyl Turntables as well as DJ Software. A mixer will include an input which allows the DJ to use headphones to preview the next song before playing it to the audience.

There are a vast range of DJ Mixers which offer different features and functions. Two channel mixers can only accommodate two turntables or CD players, whereas 4 channels can accommodate up to four turntables or CD players and are typically used in larger club environments.

DJ City offers a wide variety of options to ensure that there is a mixer dj situation,  including 2 channel, 3 channel 4 channel and more. Contact us to find the mixer for your dj needs.