There are slipmats for turntables and then there are slip ups. These are not the typical mats found at your local hardware store. DJ Slipmats are designed for professional DJs not to slip up at the peak of a beat mix and going into a bad trot. They reduce the friction between the aluminium platter and the Vinyl reducing the risk of DJ slip ups. Turntable slipmats put DJs in a position where they are in in full control; ready and willing to pull off the mix you have always dreamed about. The slipmat has been used since day one ever since the Technics 1200 DJ turntable was at every DJ store.

A DJ Turntable deck must always have clean high fidelity mat for best performance. They provide protection against scratches and dust being attracted to your most precious Vinyl collection. Made from two types of compressed material compound; one that reduces static and the other with low friction co-efficient. Magma is still one of the leading manufactures, producing professional high grade mats in a huge variety.