Cable Wire Raw
Cable wire raw is perfect for many applications where special adaptors or connectors are not required for your speakers. Whether that be it for surround sound satellites as part of your home hifi set up or big front of house PA speakers, this cable is simply high quality copper in a protective shield sold by the meter or as pre cut packs.

Many speakers across a broad range of applications do not have the capacity to accept speakon or jack connectors and simply offer a pair of binding posts for users to insert raw cable and clamp it down in place, the same can be said of many power amplifiers on the market- it is for that reason this raw speaker cable is so popular.

Not only can raw cable wire be used as the primary means of connecting an amp to your speakers but can also be used for many DIY projects for wiring up lights, internals of speaker cabinets, extending existing cable runs and just about anything where electricity is needed to be carried from A to B.