Vinyl Record Storage

Vinyl Record Storage is an important part of making sure your vinyl is protected, DJ City offer a range of storage and protective case that are great for transport and storage.

Vinyl Records are making a comeback! All of your favourite artists are releasing their music on vinyls again like we’re back in the 80s. A Vinyl Record, or LP, is an analogue sound storage medium which was first introduced in Columbia in 1948.

To safely and securely store and transport your precious LPs we have a range of hard and soft cases that will offer protection ease of transport. Vinyl record storage cases with ergonomic handles and foam lined interiors means your records will be in very safe hands with these LP cases. Records need to be kept in pristine condition to make sure they are able to maintain audio fidelity and playability as a single scratch can ruin a LP by causing your needle to skip.

Features such as butterfly latches for superior strength, tough & ergonomic handles removable lids and cases that split in the middle to allow two identical cases to be used for displaying records are what set these aside from the rest. Protect your investment and get your hands on one of these amazing LP Bags & Cases.

Be confident with your vinyl record storage.