Atmospheric Effects

Need some bubbles for a kid’s party? Some smoke for your lasers? Maybe even some snow for a Christmas display? See a range of Atmospheric Effects at DJ City. A selection great for stage atmospheric effects and dj atmospheric effects.

Atmospheric machines include the very popular smoke machine, bubble machines and snow machines. Smoke machines are perfect for enhancing your lighting and laser lights by allowing the beams reflect off the smoke, making them visible. Low lying fog machines also stocked for creating fog which stays low to the ground. Looks fantastic at weddings and live performance. Haze and Faze machines also available.

Our range of effect fluids are high quality, non-toxic formulas which are well suited to their intended machines. Scents are also available for smoke machines to add something extra to your display.

Choose from a variety of special effects too such as confetti cannon.

For a demonstration of some of these incredible effects, visit your local DJ City store.