Speaker Stands

The humble speaker stand packs a punch in benefits. Speaker stands give you the ability to have your speakers positioned at or above ear level, this allows sound travel a lot further and thus cover a larger audience. Its major plus and is a great reason to invest in a pair of speakers stands, essentially giving your PA more professional flexibility. Your speakers are also safer on stands, up and out of harm’s way and away from drinks and other costly hazards being placed on them. Also, aesthetically having your speakers up off the ground, will give you and your whole set up a far more polished and professional look.

Some of these loudspeaker stands may feature quick-locking mechanisms for easy setup and pack up; metal interconnects for durability and spring/padded bases for gentle release from full height.

Our speaker stands represent the highest level of workmanship and durability. Many have been tried and tested in our rigorous hire department and have passed all we can throw at them and will be sure to provide you with years of reliable performance.

Perfect for use as a DJ, we stock PA Speaker Stands, Speaker Stands for your monitors in your studio and we also stock a range of speaker wall mount options.