Passive Speakers

If you already have your own amplifier or do not want to use powered speakers you’ll need passive speakers or unpowered speakers. We have an expansive range of passive speakers in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit your next project. Passive speakers allow users to be very flexible with their set ups, allowing varied equipment such as crossovers, equalisers and amplifiers to be used as part of a large PA system to create a very efficient and powerful PA.

A passive speaker or unpowered speakers may be appropriate where you want to run larger, more complex systems which require a lot more power. It is an advantage in this case, as you can keep the amps separate, preventing speakers from being overheated and damaged.

It can be hard to select a passive speaker that’s right for you and will be compatible with your amplifier. Our team at DJ City are here to help guide you who will be able to point you in the right direction. Don’thesitatee to contact us online or visit your local DJ City store and we will give you a demonstration of your options.