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The sky is the limit when it comes to DJing. Australia’s largest range of DJ Equipment & DJ Gear that will suit your needs and budget.

With the recent insurgence of DJ controllers, which are a control console linked up to a computer and ran with software, the DJ equipment market has changed for good. DJ’s no longer need to carry around hefty loads of CDs to make sure they have all the tunes required.

So it’s all about USB sticks and computers now, making DJing more popular and accessible than ever before. Giving you the same level of control from a basic system as you would with a professional level system.

However as of late, DJ City have seen a fast growing trend of the resurgence of Vinyl. Regarded as more of an Art then a skill by many DJ’s, playing on vinyl brings forth a completely different way of DJing.

Vinyl turntables, specifically the Technics 1200 turntable, brought about a DJ revolution during the late 80s and 90s. Vinyl DJing was, and is still today, referred to as the true format of DJing. We are seeing a huge growth in popularity for turntables. Large DJ Gear Brands such as Pioneer, Reloop and Audio Technica are bringing about new turntables.

Pioneer’s newly released PLX1000 and 500 turntables have seen the worlds biggest DJ brand recognise the vinyl revival. Helping generate more interest in the old school art form.

DJ Gear nowadays comes in all shapes and sizes, but rest assured, DJ City literally stock the lot. Every accessory that you can imagine we’ll have in stock, ready and waiting for you.