RCA Cable

RCA Cable feature the red, white and yellow RCA connections you would typically see on the back of your DVD player. In the world of audio you will only see red and white as they represent the left and right audio signal coming out and going into various components.

The rear of all DJ media players, CD players, controllers and turntables will all have RCA outputs and you will find RCA inputs on all DJ mixers. By far the most commonly found audio connection, especially in DJ gear and in some speakers.

With a connection type as common as this, you can see how vital it is to have good quality and reliable RCA audio cable with you at all times transferring your signal from your CD player to your mixer and from your mixer to your amplifier or speakers.

We have a range of high quality and reliable RCA to RCA leads that will allow you to set up and perform with confidence every single time! Available today in store or via the website!