DJ Sound Cards

For the best results when extracting music from your computer to play through your sound system or headphones, you need to process the audio through a more powerful sound card then the one inside it. That is where these DJ sound cards come into play! With superior processing power and industry standard connection types, these cards allow for high fidelity audio to get to your sound system from your computer while you are DJing, producing or just casually listening.

These portable audio interfaces connect to your laptop via USB. The benefits of using a DJ usb sound card over simply using the computer’s audio output include the option to have multiple outputs (which can be mixed separately on an external mixer). Some even have inputs to allow other instruments to be included in the mix, including microphones.

In addition, the quality of the input and output is significantly improved by using a DJ sound card. The sound card converts analogue audio signals into digital information and vice versa.