UV (Ultraviolet) light makes whites and bright colours glow in darkened rooms. Perfect for neon or white themed parties, our great range of UV light is sure to impress.

Long-wavelength ultraviolet radiation can cause chemical reactions which causes many substances to glow or fluoresce. LED UV lights are available which give the same great effect as the globe varieties, though with the added bonus of all the LED benefits such as low power consumption, no heat and low maintenance.

Also known as Black Lights, the UV light projected from these units will make all bright colours glow. So get out your glow sticks, neon paints and white clothes, grab some of these great UV lights and have a great party!

If you have super white teeth, you’ll be able to give someone a nice glowing smile with our powerful UV Lighting.

For a demo of some black lights, visit your local DJ City store and wear your white clothing!