Scratch Software

DJ City stock the most popular Scratch Software, from Traktor, Serato, Pioneer and much more. Upgrade or switch-up your DJ mixer software from our vast selection.

As Vinyl Records make a comeback, there is a higher demand for using DJ Software with vinyl turntables! All of your favourite artists are releasing their music on vinyls again like we’re back in the 80s. A Vinyl Record, or LP, is an analogue sound storage medium which was first introduced in Columbia in 1948. The art of DJing is coming alive again as DJs are resorting back to classic turntables.

Digital vinyl software for spinning MP3’s using super-tight vinyl and CD control.  There are also packages available for any aspiring vinyl DJ or turntablist with everything required to start scratching like the professionals.

With many options available, there is also a plug-and-play digital vinyl systems with timecode which are compatible with Serato DJ. Famous audio quality and reliability to club DJs and turntablists who prefer the feel of vinyl, but still want the flexibility that a digital music library provides.

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