DMX Cable
DMX is the language that we use to communicate with lights. If you want to tell your lights to shine blue, shine red, flash one, twice or spin around then you need to be able to ask it in a language it understands- DMX! We stock high quality DMX Cable for all your dmx needs.

It is the industry standard communication means for lighting and all you need to take control of your lights is a DMX control board, some DMX cables that you can find right here and a little patience!

We have DMX leads available in a range of lengths from 75cm to 20 meters and in 3 pin dmx cable and 5 pin dmx cable versions.

For most effect lights and par cans the 3 pin cables are the standard, as well as our controllers. Though some pro end fixtures you may find 5 pin connections. If you have a combination of 3 and 5 pin products then we have you covered with our 3 to 5 fin converters so you are never unable to take total control of your lights.