Low Lying Fog Machine

A Low Lying Fog Machine is perfect for special effects at Weddings and Stage Productions. Glide through the dance floor with these powerful dry ice machines.

Some low fog machines can only work with dry ice. Dry ice produces thick, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising. The ice used is a solid carbon dioxide which is made by reducing the temperature and pressure of liquid CO2. It is usually best to purchase dry ice on the day or close to the day of the event as it needs to be kept cool before use. When dry ice is lowered into hot water, it quickly produces thick fog.

Other low fog machines can work with standard smoke fluid and ice cubes as well as dry ice.

A low fog machine is an excellent addition to an event and creating a cloud like atmosphere. For assistance in selecting an appropriate machine for you, please contact our experienced staff in store or online.