PA / Live Sound

Everything you need for PA / Live Sound applications, you’ll find here. Speakers, Mixers, Microphones, PA Systems, Signal Processing and more pa sound equipment.

Powered speakers  and complete live sound systems available in a range of sizes from 8 Inch to 18 Inch. Don’t confuse powered with passive speakers though, which are also stocked at DJ City. Powered Speakers or “Active Speakers” have a built in amplifier which powers the unit. A passive speaker requires an external amplifier to be powered. The same goes for powered and passive subwoofers.

We have the ultimate PA Systems well suited to Mobile DJs, Marriage Celebrants, Bands and other stage applications. From all-in-one complete systems to portable PAs and megaphones.

Select from our vast range of Wireless Microphones. Handheld, Headset and Lapel Microphones for Presentations, Vocals and even fitness classes.

Our live sound equipment range consists of popular brands including LD Systems, Mackie, Skytec, JBL and Behringer. Head into your nearest DJ City store for a demonstration of many of these incredible systems.