Recording Microphones

Need to record some vocals? A studio microphone set is the answer. We have a huge selection of crystal clear Recording Microphones including condenser, USB and iOS microphones for you to browse.

Condenser Microphones are most common recording studio microphone that is used in studio environment’s, they are designed specifically for picking up all surrounding noise. A condenser mic typically features a thin plastic film, coated on one side with gold or nickel, and mounted very close to a conductive stationary back plate. An external power supply applies a polarising voltage to the diaphragm by an external power supply. This voltage can also be conducted by the charge on an electret material in the diaphragm or on the backplate.

Our catalogue of iOS Microphones are perfect for musicians on the go. They can be easily connected to your phone via data connection or by the headphone jack. You can record a song or just sing some karaoke whenever, wherever.

USB mircophones can be easily connected to your laptop or computer. You’ll be recording and singing to your favourite songs in no time. Great for musicians, podcasters and more.

To make sure you purchase the best studio recording microphone for you, please contact our experienced DJ City staff in store or online.