Haze Machines

DJ City’s haze machines and faze machines are professional water-based machines that create a thin and fine particle that is perfect for showing your laser and light effect beams. A haze machine is often referred to as a hazer and is easy to set-up and use.

A haze machine is similar to a smoke machine, but is slightly different. It is an effects machines designed to produce subtle clouds suspended in the air, not as thick as a smoke machine. It is intended to make light beams visible or create a subtle diffusion.

This allows a venue to be filled with haze prior to or during an event without creating an overtly distracting cloud. Haze typically has a longer hang time than other fogs. Such a characteristic makes it perfect for stage performances including live bands.

Haze machine fluid also in stock in 5 Litre bottles and 20 Litre drums. High quality and perfect for use in any of our haze & faze machines sold at DJ City.