Powered Speakers

Gone are the days where you need to carry around big, heavy amplifiers and PAs with a mess of cabling connecting the lot together! Powered Speaker systems have specified amplifiers built directly into the speaker box. This design greatly reduces set up and pack up time while ensuring the speaker itself is being driven exactly as designed. Active speakers are an all in one solution for the modern day PA user.

Our range includes powered speaker products from trusted, reliable brands such as LD Systems, Electro Voice, Behringer, JBL, AVE and Mackie. These active speaker systems are an excellent choice for both seasoned professionals who want to add another component to an existing PA set-up, as well as those who are new to sound system creation and want to start off with hassle-free loudspeaker solutions.

The design of a powered speaker eliminates the hassle of having to match up speakers’ wattage and ohms with that of an amplifier to make your purchase a lot easier – and operation is a breeze! Their size range goes all the way from a compact 8 inch to 15 inches of professional-level audio delivery. They are suitable for permanent, in-house PA setups and portable loudspeaker systems alike with no need for an amplifier. Simply plug these products into your mixer and get excellent sound right away.

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