Bubble Machines

No matter the occasion or your age, let’s admit it – bubbles are cool. These units are dedicated bubble machines designed to produce hundreds of bubbles and blast them into the air. The more valuable the bubble maker, the larger the fan and higher the number of dippers which equals more bubbles, and further bubble travel.

Our range of bubble machines include both battery and AC powered units, all are capable of creating a great effect to add an extra element to your next event. A bubble blower machine is great for use in a range of functions and when used in conjunction with lighting effects the beams of light can highlight the bubbles are the shine through and around them.

A bubble machine is perfect for a children’s party, special displays and for stage performances.

DJ City has a huge range of quality bubble machines and very affordable prices, with a team that are armed to answer your enquires. Don’t heitate to contect us online or come into any of our locations.

Also, don’t forget your Bubble fluid! Available in 1 Litre and 5 Litre bottles. Bubble life!