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11th June, 2024

Budget Monitor Speakers for DJs & Music Producers

If you’re in the market for a reliable yet cheap monitor speaker, DJ City has everything you need and then some.

To help you find the right gear for your DJing or music producing needs, check out the top recommended budget monitor speakers we’ve listed right here. Please note that while all of these models can be purchased from our online store they are subject to stock level availability. 

Best Budget Monitor Speakers

Behringer VS1220F Passive 12″ Monitor Speaker 600W

The Behringer VS1220F is a high-performance 2-way monitor designed for floor-based use. With its exceptional sound quality, wide frequency bandwidth, and dynamic range it’s perfectly suited for a range of applications. 

On the technical front, it boasts a powerful 12-inch long-excursion LF driver for deep bass and acoustic power, along with dual electro-dynamic HF drivers for excellent high-frequency reproduction. 

When it comes to hardware design, the VS1220F is practical too. It is lightweight and portable for DJs on the go and even features ergonomically designed handles for easy carrying. The rugged construction ensures durability and ongoing outstanding performance even at high volumes and frequent use. 

Find out more and purchase your budget monitor speaker today for $349.

AVE Fusion 10S Black Studio Monitor Subwoofer – 10 Inch

The AVE Fusion10 Black is both powerful and efficient. The 10-inch active subwoofer is designed specifically for studio use but also offers enough versatility for any way you intend on using it. 

The clear and round bass sound from the 10S perfectly complements any studio monitor setup and the fuller frequency range means it’s more than capable for use in precise mixing. Additional features include a variable crossover and 35Hz subsonic filter to prevent phasing issues with any existing monitors you may have. The subwoofer itself is equipped with volume control, a phase inversion switch, and selectable auto power function for the ultimate levels of customisation. 

When it comes to design, the custom glass aramid composite cone and slotted ports ensure detailed and punchy low-frequency response all the while ensuring distortion minimisation reduces distortion. The AVE Fusion 10S Black may come at a budget price but it’s highly professional audio equipment and perfect for use in studios, rooms and any other spaces you may need it for.  

Check it out today here and place your order for just $529.

Behringer K10 Studio Monitor Subwoofer 10 Inch

The second Behringer offering on this list of best budget monitor speakers is the NEKKST K10S Studio Subwoofer. 

This exceptional audiophile-grade, 300-watt reference-class subwoofer is the love child of a collaboration between the company’s audio engineers and Keith R. Klawitter, founder of KRK and a renowned loudspeaker designer. 

The K10S is perfectly constructed for use in a range of environments thanks to the custom-engineered bridge-mode amplifier providing a sufficiently deep, rich, and tight bass sound. 

The front-firing port ensures outstanding low-frequency extension without many of the typical issues other monitors have. Moreover, with its high-density composite enclosure, balanced inputs, and direct link outputs, this subwoofer is more than up to the challenge of providing precise and detailed low-frequency reproduction without unwanted distortion. 

View all of its bells and whistles here and purchase your Nekkst K10S for just $579.

KRK S8.4 Studio Monitor Subwoofer 8 Inch

The KRK S8.4 is an impressive addition to this list. The 8-inch professional model excels in sonic accuracy and high performance. The well-defined bass is both tight and accurate which is why this relatively cheap monitor speaker is popular for use in both listening contexts and for mixing. 

Other features include Class D power amplifiers that ensure increased transient response, control, and punch. Multiple connectivity options makes it easy to connect to various devices without adapter hassles and its subwoofer features a four-position crossover frequency selection switch, allowing for easy adjustments. And we haven’t even touched on the highly durable inverted dust cap, removable grilles, and redesigned cabinet! 

If you’re interested in one of the best budget monitor speakers on the market – available for just $509 – click here.

KRK S10.4 Studio Monitor Subwoofer 10 Inch

One step up from the S8.4 is the KRK S10.4. This truly exceptional 10-inch studio monitor subwoofer offers professional sonic accuracy and high performance sound. Many of its features are similar to the previous entry on this list but with quality and hardiness dialed up.

Boasting a timeless new design that only adds to its performance related appeal, the S10.4 is fantastic for pairing with other studio monitors and offers great connectivity. The rather unique and handy bypass control feature allows you to carry out instant comparisons with and without the subwoofer by using an optional footswitch. Think of it this way: Access to full-range audio through your monitors with a simple click.

For an exceptional audio experience with a market-leading price tag, check out the KRK S10.4 for $669 today.

JBL LSR310S Studio Monitor Subwoofer 10 Inch

The JBL LSR310S Studio Monitor Subwoofer is our last entry on the list but this powerful 10-inch subwoofer is certainly not the least in terms of quality and features.

Perfect for extending your system’s bass to incredibly low frequencies it provides a deeply immersive experience. The custom down-firing driver and 200 Watt amplifier is combined with JBL’s patented Slip Stream Port so the bass you hear and feel is deeper, more impactful and transformative. It’s also designed to complement JBL LSR Series monitors or any existing monitoring system for that matter, making it suitable for DJs and music producers alike.

One of its numerous groundbreaking features is the XLF Extended Low Frequency setting. This allows you to listen to tracks with the same augmented bass tuning that’s used in modern dance clubs. Moreover, the subwoofer offers flexibility and ease of use thanks to its three crossover points, selectable input sensitivity switch and user-friendly volume control. 

To find out more about the highly versatile and super powerful monitor that is the JBL LSR310S, click here today. Available for just $839.

DJ City – home to the best budget monitor speakers

As the largest online supplier of DJ and audio equipment in Australia, the team at DJ City are bound to have what you need.

Whether you’re ready to purchase your brand new subwoofer or would like additional advice regarding the best budget monitor speaker for your needs, make sure to give us a call today.

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