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26th June, 2024

Exploring Different Genres: Broadening Your DJ Repertoire

For a DJ, your music repertoire is your arsenal. The wider range of genres you can master, the more versatile and impactful you’ll be as a performer.

To help you get started in expanding your DJ repertoire, we’ve put together this helpful guide. 

What is a DJ Genre?

If you are reading the term “DJ genre” but are not sure what we mean, it’s simple: It’s just a way of referring to the different categories within the world of electronic music. Each one has its own flavour with its tempo, instruments, style, and even its own history.

Think about it like this: House music is a genre designed to get the party pumping with its thumping basslines. On the other hand, neo-soul lays down smooth melodies that resonate more deeply. 

What are the Most Common DJ Genres?

Now, where do you even start? For learning and up-and-coming DJs, we advise you to begin with some of the most popular DJ genres to get your skills honed and your repertoire expanded.

1. House

This genre is all about keeping the energy high. It has got that classic four-on-the-floor kick drum that just makes you – and your audience – want to move.

2. Techno

Techno is a genre that’s all about taking you and your audience on a unique audio trip. Hypnotic rhythms and driving synths create this futuristic, immersive soundscape that can sweep one up in the momentum.

3. Hip-Hop & R&B

A versatile DJ should have more than just a passing familiarity with these genres. The rhythmic beats and soulful vocals of hip-hop and R&B are perfect for keeping a gig alive.

4. Drum and Bass

This genre is all about speed and those crazy-complex drum patterns. It’s perfect for high-energy sets or if you are trying to get the crowd moving.

5. EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

This is a big umbrella term that covers a bunch of subgenres, from the uplifting melodies of Trance to the dark basslines of Dubstep. It’s a great way to add some variety to your sets.

DJ Repertoire: Your Taste vs. The Crowd:

Ready to break out of your comfort zone and explore new sounds? Here’s how:

Listen to a Wide Range of Genres

There are tons of online stations and platforms dedicated to specific genres. Tune in to something new and discover some fresh beats. You never know what will inspire you.

Follow the Masters

Listen to sets from DJs you admire, especially those who like to mix things up. See how they blend genres seamlessly – that’s a skill worth learning.

Level Up Online

There’s a wealth of info out there for aspiring DJs. Check out music blogs, publications, and tutorial channels to stay on top of new trends and artists.

Go Live and Direct

Nothing beats the energy of a live show. Immerse yourself in different genres and get inspired. You might just discover your next favourite artist!

While taste is subjective, you can develop an appreciation for different styles by actively listening. 

Here’s how to actively listen:

  • Break it Down: Focus on the different elements of a song – percussion, melody, vocals – and how they work together to create a mood.
  • Do Your Research: Dig into the artists, music, and genres that move you. Learn their history and influences to gain a deeper understanding.
  • It’s Okay to Say No: Don’t force yourself to like something you don’t. Use those experiences to refine your taste and explore new directions.

Exploring New DJ Genres Starts at DJ City

Now that you have a stronger idea of how to expand your music taste and how to develop a new music taste, you’re ready to get started.

So make sure you have all the DJ gear and equipment you need to start putting your more diverse musical repertoire to good use.

At DJ City, we stock the full range of hardware and accessories to ensure you can take your new love, appreciation and mastery of all the best DJ genres to the world! Check it out for yourself today.

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