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4th July, 2024

Spotify AI DJ: What is it and how to get it

Spotify AI DJ is one of the latest offerings on the market leveraging the power and impressive advances in artificial intelligence. Whether you’ve heard of it and just want to know how to get it, or you’ve never even known about Spotify’s foray into AI DJing, this article is here to help.

What is Spotify AI DJ?

In essence, it’s like a personalised radio station that features a virtual (i.e., AI) DJ playing a non-stop customised playlist of your favourite songs, albums, artists and genres. 

In other words, it’s a DJ playing a never-ending list of songs that are chosen just according to your preferences and listening habits and, incorporated into Spotify, it’s easier to use, access and enjoy than ever before.

Note: For the Australian-based Spotify users amongst us, please refer to the ‘Is Spotify AI DJ available in Australia?’ section below for more information before getting too excited. 

How Does the AI DJ Work?

The Spotify AI DJ uses a highly sophisticated algorithm to combine both your past listening activity and the internal recommendation feature structure of Spotify. 

This allows the AI DJ to not just play songs it knows you like and artists you’ve listened to before, but it will also recommend and play songs that it thinks you will love. Sound familiar to the ‘radio’ feature you’ve come to know from Spotify?

Now add in the AI-created voice of your own personal DJ. This voice is a synthesised character that drops in between your songs to tell you all about the music, albums and artists you’re listening to. Spotify’s extensive library of information and music provides an unparalleled pool of data from which the artificially intelligent DJ can create the pitch-perfect playlist for any listener. 

The Spotify Difference 

The revolutionary aspect of Spotify’s offering goes beyond its own unique personalisation technology.

1. Generative AI powered by Open AI

Spotify teamed up with the team at OpenAI to use their generative AI technology (the same one that powers ChatGPT) to help provide the raft of fascinating facts and insights about the songs you’re listening to in the voice of the AI DJ.

Don’t worry – the Spotify experts make sure all of the kinks and mistakes that ChatGPT could make are ironed out.

2. Sonantic’s Dynamic AI Voice Platform

The amazing technology behind the voice of the virtual DJ is powered by the AI platform provided by Sonantic. The voice is designed to resonate and connect with listeners and is continually improved upon.

Benefits of Spotify AI DJ

The unique benefit of this feature is that it offers you more than just a curated playlist of songs. It’s continually learning and adapting based on your listening habits and activity. Using that plethora of material to learn from, it will then offer you similar songs and new artists to broaden your musical exposure and help you find new music you’ll love.

Add to that the engaging commentary and amazingly realistic DJ voice and it’s a genuine value-add.

How to get AI DJ in Spotify

If you have the Spotify app downloaded, follow these instructions. 

1. Accessibility

AI DJ is only available for Premium accounts and on Android, iPhone and iPad devices. Unfortunately, at this stage, free plan users are not able to access the feature and only newer operating system (OS) versions can use its functionality.

Is Spotify AI DJ available in Australia?

As of June 2023, Spotify AI DJ is only available in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada.

However, as more and more regions are added to the list, hopefully Australian listeners will be able to access this feature soon. 

2. Finding AI DJ

In your Spotify mobile app, go to the Music section and tap on the blue DJ tile. This is the giant square-shaped tile that sits near the top of your Music feed. 

3. Using AI DJ

Using and listening to Spotify AI DJ is much the same as your normal controls for listening to Spotify. You can skip across a song, skip a song completely, pause or replay as you so wish.

Newer smart-watches are also compatible with this feature and allow you to control your playlist and audio from your wrist. 

Changing genre

If you do want to change the genre or type of music your AI DJ is playing, just tap the blue icon with the green circle that’s in the bottom right section of the app.

More details

If you want to see the lyrics of the song that’s playing or view more details about the track, simply swipe up.

Adding to your playlist

As usual, you can tap the + button to add the track to your personal list of Liked Songs. 

Using AI DJ in your sets

The team at Spotify are dedicated to helping you enjoy the music you love in the way you love to use it. But that doesn’t mean that you can simply stream your Spotify AI DJ during your DJ sets.

There are strict terms and conditions around how Spotify allows you to use its app, licensed music and features. We recommend you seek professional advice and refer to the Ts and Cs before using anything off Spotify for professional or commercial purposes. 

Need a hand? Contact DJ City today

While the DJ City team don’t (yet) boast any AI customer service agents – we’re all 100% human – we do stock the widest online range of DJ equipment and products in Australia.

So, if you need help with accessing Spotify AI DJ or you’re looking for something a little more ‘traditional’ to help you become the best DJ you can be, make sure to reach out to our team today.

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