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10th July, 2024

6 Top Micro DJ Controllers For 2024

Are you looking for the best micro DJ controller on the market? Your search begins and ends right here at DJ City – the country’s largest online retailer of all things DJ equipment.

But knowing that you need a micro DJ controller is one thing. How do you know which one is right for you? 

We’ve listed the top six controllers available to help you narrow down your choice. 

The Best Micro DJ Controllers

1. Hercules HERC-DJKIT DJ Starter Kit with Serato DJ Lite

The Hercules HERC-DJKIT is one of the best beginner kits for DJs who are just starting out and learning the ropes. Complete with Serato DJ Lite software, this comprehensive controller brings everything you need in one compact little device.

There are 16 separate performance pads, each backlit for easy visibility, and built-in audio that can be easily connected to your PC or Mac computer.

The already-included headphones are custom made for DJs with accurate and clear audio as well as isolation features for monitoring tracks. The software that the HERC-DJKIT comes with is super easy to use without compromising any of the classic features you need to get started making and mixing music as soon as possible.

Thanks to the intuitive design and quality hardware, this mini DJ controller from the team at Hercules is an affordable and practical option.

Price: $449

Order online right here.

2. Numark DJ2GO2 Touch DJ Controller

Our second entry on this list of micro controllers for DJs is the ever-portable and super compact Numark DJ2GO2 Touch. Built to offer DJs tactile control, it feels as good as the music it helps create sounds. 

Some of the appealing features of the Numark offering include a touch capacitive jog wheel, 16 backlit performance pads for easy sample and cue triggering and 2 separate channels. There is an in-built sound card and pre-downloaded Serato DJ Lite software so that you can enjoy more convenient and easier music creation and access. 

In terms of compatibility, this model has exactly what you need. Being USB-powered, it is easy to connect with laptops, smartphones and tablets. Use it in your home studio, at the club or on the road–the option is yours!

The DJ2GO2 is designed for use by DJs of all experiences and backgrounds, which is one of the many reasons it is among our favourite micro controllers. 

Price: $119

Order online right here.

3. Reloop BUDDY Compact 2 Channel DJ Controller

The Reloop BUDDY micro DJ controller is another excellent option for anyone wanting a really compact and easy to carry piece of equipment. This two-channel controller still manages to pack in 8 performance pads per deck and a touch sensitive jog wheel. The loop controls are intuitively placed and designed to allow you to retain complete control over your music.

Highly compatible, it’s easy to connect the Reloop BUDDY to other equipment. Plus, with the built-in sound card you have seamless access to storage and libraries of tracks. Along with this fantastic hardware, the BUDDY is preloaded with Algoriddim’s Djay software, so there’s nothing to get in the way with you and getting started.

While this micro device offers a lot of features DJs of all levels of experience will appreciate, it is a particularly good device for those just getting started in the industry. 

Price: $369

Order online right here

4. Numark Party Mix Live DJ Controller 2 Channel with Built-In Speakers

The Numark Party Mix Live is a good alternative to the BUDDY above. Similarly compact, it still brings built-in speakers to the table as well! These speakers are more than capable of blasting music for small gigs and parties.

If you’re performing at larger venues or gatherings, using the Party Mix with headphones or external sound speakers is easy. 

Boasting two-channels, this portable controller has 8 performance pads, a jog wheel that is touch sensitive and a wide range of different music mixing controls. 

Like some of the other options on this list, the Numark Party Mix comes with DJ software to help you get started creating and mixing music. While there are some features that advanced DJs might be looking for, this offering from Numark is a fantastic option for everyone from beginning DJs to intermediate artists.

Price: $229

Order online right here.

5. Pioneer DDJ-200 DJ Controller 2-Channel with Bluetooth

Pioneer, one of the leading manufacturers of DJ equipment, brings compatibility, compactness and control to its DDJ-200, one of the best controllers on the market.

The DDJ-200 can be used in just about any way you need: with a smartphone, connected to a computer or laptop, or on a tablet. The Bluetooth function offers even more connectivity and ease of use! Along with the custom WeDJ and rekordbox that it comes with, all of these features add up to one super practical device. If you’re an amateur DJ, you can even access the tutorials and pop-up hint features to help you develop your skills. 

Physically, this micro controller is just as impressive. Two-channels, 8 performance pads, a touch sensitive jog wheel, dedicated effects controls and a dedicated loop, it has everything you need!

Price: $265

Order online right here.

6. Reloop READY Compact 2 Channel DJ Controller

Our last entry on this list of micro DJ controllers is the Reloop READY. Like the BUDDY, the READY is super compact and super powerful. 

It has a range of features that will empower you to be as creative as your imagination allows. Along with the standard two channels, multiple performance pads, jog wheel and controls, the READY also comes with DJ software which allows for seamless use with a variety of music streaming services such as Spotify and Tidal. 

Thanks to the streamlined design of this machine, mobile DJs and those used to performing in a wide variety of venues can enjoy easy portability.  

Price: $399

Order online right here.

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