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5th June, 2024

6 Best Budget Studio Monitors Under $500

Whether you’re decking out your studio or preparing for an upcoming gig, studio monitors (also called monitor speakers or studio speakers) are a must have. Fortunately, DJ City supplies the best budget studio monitors, so if you’re looking for a pair or a single monitor, we’re the one-stop-shop for everything you need.

Finding Good Budget Studio Monitors

The point of studio monitors is to ensure accurate reference monitoring by producing a flat frequency response. Pure output sound without bass (exaggerated bass, that is), treble or other frequencies is really important. 

As a DJ, it’s critical you’re able to hear what your audience is hearing accurately. So while finding affordable studio monitors is good, you really need high quality equipment.

Luckily, you can have the best of both worlds. So let’s dive into the best budget studio monitors available right now at DJ City. 

Best Budget Studio Monitors – Singles

1. M-Audio BX8 D3 Series 8″ Studio Monitors – Single

Price: $319

The M-Audio BX8 D3 single studio monitor is designed to ensure you experience an accurate audio output throughout the mix or performance. Compact, sturdy and easy to move, you can use your M-Audio monitor wherever and whenever you need.

This budget option comes with military-grade glass aramid fibre and a 1.25-inch silk dome tweeter. Combine that with otpimised ports, acoustic space control, volume control, balanced input features for easy installation and a front LED panel and you have everything you need. 

Where the M-Audio monitor really stands out is in its custom waveguide functionality. This allows for accurate audio dispersion even in tight studio or soundstage environments. 

2. Alesis M1 MK3 Studio Monitor 5 Inch


The M1 Active MK3 from Alesis is the latest upgrade to a reputable and well-known budget studio monitor. Featuring the latest in audio technology, you can enjoy unprecedented and highly professional sounding audio.

The new aluminium woofer is 5-inches and yet lighter and typical than many other models. This allows for both a quicker transient attack and increased linear response. The wave guide and high frequency dispersion is precise and predictable, and the radiused cabinet ensures that all distracting port turbulence is effectively filtered out. 

Other features include a balanced XLR+¼-inch combon input that allows increased flexibility during hook-up and an ultra-wide 45-22kHz frequency response.

3. ESI AKTIV 05 2-Way Powered Studio Monitor

Price: $279  

The ESI AKTIV 05 is a new addition from the ESI team. These two-way powered monitors take the reputable and popular designs of the older nEar05 models and upgrade them for a new generation.

Complete with a 5-inch kevlar curved cone, 1-inch silk dome tweeter, desktop operation compatibility, input-connections, sensitivity and impedance, and impressive frequency response and crossover, the AKTIV has everything you need. And then some. 

Best Budget Studio Monitors – Pair

4. M-Audio BX4 D3 Series 4 Inch Studio Monitors – Pair

Price: $239

The M-Audio BX4 Pair comes with two studio monitors, each offering 120-watts of perfectly sounding music and audio. These upgraded pieces of equipment don’t come with an updated price so you don’t have to worry if you’re shopping on a budget.

Engineered to ensure great sound quality and designed to look sleek and streamlined, they’re excellent for artists at all stages of their career. Unique features include an acoustically-inert MDF cabinet, enhanced ports in the rear, and computer-optimised natural silk dome tweeters. All of this adds up to smooth and precise sounding audio.

Compatible with all your gear thanks to the multiple inputs, the M-Audio is among the best budget studio monitors available on the market. 

5. AVE Fusion 4 Studio Monitors (Pair) 4 Inch

Price: $199

Given how much value-for-money they are, it’s no wonder that the AVE Fusion 4 studio monitors are as popular as they are. With two 4-inch bi-amplified monitors to add to your set-up, they’re value for money and produce valuable-sounding audio to boot.

Some of the special features include a 4-inch glass aramid composite bass driver, a 1-inch neo soft dome tweeter, optimised waveguide for directing high frequencies, magnetically shielded, slotted ports and both balanced/unbalanced inputs.

As far as getting a good bang for your buck is concerned, it’s hard to go past the AVE Fusion 4.

6. Vonyx XP40 Active Studio Monitor Pair 4 Inch BT USB

Price: $129

The Vonyx XP40 Active studio monitors offer super high quality sound and a sturdy monitor build. Specifically engineered to reduce noise and resonance, they’re highly versatile in use and function.  Unique features include a built-in Class D digital amplifier, top-mounted control paneer, 4-inch woofer, 1-inch tweeter, Bluetooth functionality, RCA line input and a whole lot more!

The real selling point of the XP40 is the price. These highly affordable monitors are more than capable of filling your room with music without emptying your account of cash. 

Find the Best Budget Studio Monitors Today!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a single or pair of monitors, the best equipment at the most affordable prices can all be found right here at DJ City. We’re the leading online supplier of DJ equipment, including the best studio monitors, in Australia!

Peruse all of our stock, find a store near you or contact our team for assistance by clicking here today.

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