Focal has been creating benchmark acoustic equipment since 1979 for various high fidelity markets such as home audio loudspeakers, headphones, car speaker drivers and monitoring loudspeakers.

Core businesses: speaker drivers and high-fidelity loudspeakers. Our historic core values are based on the union of technology, mechanics, noble materials and design. We are constantly pushing the limits of sound to offer you a truly unique listening experience.

Focal products offer unrivalled sound quality. We want every loudspeaker and every speaker driver to be the best in its category. Whichever product you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll be listening to the sound of the original work: the Focal Sound.

Focal products can be used in all kinds of environments, so wherever you go you can take music with you just how you like it. Experience Focal’s sound signature at home, with our loudspeakers, hi-fi headphones, sound bar, or with our built-in systems (living room, bedroom, kitchen…), outside (garden, terrace…) with our integrated audio solutions, while driving with our car audio kits, and even while you’re on the move, with our portable headphones. Rediscover your music everywhere! Focal’s Sound Signature is also intrinsic in our professional loudspeakers for recording studios.