Shure are a leading, world-class brand in microphone and monitoring technology. Their commitment to quality throughout history in unparalleled and the famous SM58 microphone is still popularly sold world-wide.

Having worked tirelessly for years honing their microphones, superior studio reference, and DJ headphones. Shure’s hard work and consistency has made them the industry standard, with the SM58 is the microphone being the standard that all other microphones are measured against. The SM58 is available in wired and wireless variations, and is the core of the large range of prized products available.

Offering several levels of wireless microphones, from high end, digital units designed for touring musicians and professional use to entry-level units offering legendary Shure performance at a fraction of the price.

Shure headphones australia have an extensive range that represents crystal clear audio fidelity within an incredibly robust housing designed for critical listening applications. With the DJ range of headphones featuring swivel cups to mold the perfect fit whether you are monitoring with one ear, wearing over your head or around your neck.

All of our Shure au products come with the Shure Australia warranty, are incredibly high quality and represent some of the best gear money can buy.