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19th June, 2024

Top All-In-One DJ Systems in 2024

An all-in-one DJ system, also known as an all-in-one DJ controller and even sometimes just as a “DJ setup”, refers to a compact device with numerous integrated features. 

The combination of the essential components of various types of gear into a single unit is great for starting DJs needing a traditional setup. 

Designed to provide convenience and portability for DJs, all-in-one systems are especially useful for beginners and/or mobile DJs who regularly perform at events, parties, or small venues.

What is included in an All-in-One DJ System?

A typical all-in-one system can include any or all of the following integrated components.


The mixer is a central component and allows DJs to mix and create tracks from different audio sources. From channels and faders for controlling individual tracks to features such as EQ (equalisation) knobs for adjusting the bass, midrange, and treble frequencies, the mixer enables many of the music-making functionalities you’ll need.

Media Players

Instead of having to use separate CD players or turntables, all-in-one systems often have built-in media players. These can handle various audio formats and some even support streaming services or offer Bluetooth connectivity.

Jog Wheels

All-in-one systems usually feature jog wheels for control. These wheels are touch-sensitive platters that DJs use to manipulate the playback of tracks. They also enable you to scratch, pitch bend or cue other functionalities.

Effects and Processing

Many DJ all-in-one systems come with built-in effects and processing capabilities. Using one device, you can add effects like reverb, echo, or filters to enhance the music directly from the controller.

Sound Card

All-in-one systems often have an integrated sound card feature to allow connection directly to speakers or a sound system.

Inputs and Outputs

These systems provide various input and output options, including USB ports, RCA outputs, microphone inputs, and sometimes even additional auxiliary inputs for connecting external devices like smartphones or tablets.

Software Integration

All-in-one systems are often designed to work seamlessly with specific DJ software. The software provides additional features and controls, and the hardware controller acts as a tactile interface for the software.

1. Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ Professional All-In-One DJ System

The Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ is a professional all-in-one DJ system specifically designed for versatile use and powerful performances. 

It features a layout and concept design that resembles a standard NXS2 setup, which makes it ideal for use at events, bars, clubs, and studios. The system offers a four-channel configuration and flexible media support. This allows DJs to use USBs loaded with software-analysed tracks or connect a laptop set up with RekordBox DJ or Serato DJ Pro. Additional features to help you enhance your next gig include 14 beat effects and 6 sound colour effects.

The hardware boasts a highly visible 7-inch LCD touchscreen display, full-sized jog wheels for ultimate control and 16 individual and multicoloured performance pads for software-specific features. Amongst its many more features is the Feedback Reducer which prevents unwanted sounds from being picked up by your microphone.

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2. Pioneer DJ OPUS QUAD 4 Channel All-In-One DJ System

The Pioneer DJ OPUS QUAD is a cutting-edge all-in-one DJ system designed for professional and advanced DJs. If you’re after a seamless and versatile piece of equipment to help you enhance your audience’s performance experience the OPUS QUAD is a great option. 

With a focus on both stunning design and exceptional playability, this system offers a standalone 4-deck playback feature to allow you to play four individual tracks on four different decks–all at the same time. 

The device features a sleek layout and compact design despite its large 10.1-inch touchscreen. This gives you plenty of ability to rapidly and precisely search for, browse and load the right track, which – along with the Smart Rotary Selector and Touch Preview functionalities – has never empowered such fast usage

This system supports multiple media sources, such as USB drives, SSD drives, PC/Mac connections, Wi-Fi for wireless track playback via rekordbox, and Bluetooth/MD wireless technology for quick smartphone pairing. Above each of the full-sized jog wheels are hot cue buttons to enable intuitive control of the professional-level effects and functionalities.

Of course, this device is compatible with rekordbox Performance mode and Serato DJ Pro, making it easy for DJs to plug in and start performing without a hassle.

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3. Denon Prime 4+

The Denon Prime 4+ was launched in June 2024 and in the brief time since its introduction has proven to be among the more advanced all-in-one DJ systems available. Building on the previous Prime 4 model, this system includes Denon’s proprietary Engine DJ music management and DJ software as its standard operating system. That means no need for external software and licensing. 

Functional as its own standalone DJ system and controller, it’s still compatible with Serato DJ Pro and Virtual DJ. Where the Prime 4+ stands out is the unique feature of providing real-time stems (track separation) without requiring a laptop connection–something few other models offer.

While Prime 4+ is great for experienced and professional DJs, its middle-of-the-road pricing means it’s also great for those beginning to test the waters of music creation and looking for something advanced yet flexible.  

4. Denon SC Live 4

The Denon DJ SC Live 4 is another affordable and versatile option from Denon. Designed more specifically for hobby DJs looking for an all-in-one system it still offers 4 channels, a DJ controller and all the features you need from the get-go. 

From the 7-inch HD multi-gesture touchscreen, 6-inch job wheels, club mixer layout and monitor speakers, it’s ready to help you get your house party started. Inside its compact design, the SC Live 4 comes with a Serato DJ Pro license and is compatible with Virtual DJ.

However, it is designed for DJ enthusiasts rather than professionals, so what it sacrifices in standalone mixer features it makes up with the compact, portable and lightweight design. 

Overall, this all-in-one DJ system is a fairly priced entry into the world of controllers and equipment.

5. Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3 

Released a few years ago now, the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3 is still the latest RX series addition and offers a feature-filled 2-channel system for DJs on the road, aspiring to play in clubs, and hobbyist music mixers.

The system comes with Rekordbox software and is fully compatible with Serato DJ Pro. The 10.1-inch touchscreen is high resolution and sensitive enough for rapid browsing whether you’re accessing previews or using the countdown timer. 

The physical design echoes the layout and workflow of professional club setups allowing for a seamless and intuitive transition from your home studio to your next gig. The dual USB ports enable standalone mode and the improved audio design enables enhanced sound quality. Your music mixing will be supported by the 6-inch touch-capacitive jog wheels and illuminated performance pads, not to mention the numerous external outputs for connecting other gear.

Between the XDJ-RX3’s pricing, comprehensive functionalities and compatibility with standard software in the industry, it’s an excellent option as far as DJ all-in-one systems go. 

Find the Perfect System at DJ City

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