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13 Electronic Music Gifts, Books & Stocking Stuffers
8th December, 2023

13 Electronic Music Gifts, Books & Stocking Fillers

Believe it or not but it’s just about that time of year where you need to find the perfect gift for a loved one or friend. If your intended recipient is a music producer or DJ, you may want to prioritise finding some music production gifts… But, understandably, you may not know where to begin!

That’s why we’ve put together some ideas and suggestions to get your gift-giving juices flowing and inspire your next present to be the best one yet!

1.Travel Bag or Trolley

DJs and music producers are often travelling from gig to gig and lugging their equipment around as they go. Giving them the ultimate travel companion gear, in the form of a trolley bag, such as the UDG U9880BL-OR, will be a lifesaver and is guaranteed to bring a smile to their face.

There’s a wide range of bags and trolleys on the DJ City website so you can find one that perfectly suits your family/friend and fits into your intended budget.

2.Keyboard Controllers

Keyboard controllers make for some of the best music studio gifts you could give a musically inclined friend. DJs and music producers may be reluctant to ‘unnecessarily’ purchase themselves a new device or may not have the latest model with all the bells and whistles.

Plus, with the vast range of controllers out there (in terms of price and features), there really is something for everyone. Have a browse online for yourself right here.

3.Musician’s Autobiography

Books make for wonderful gifts! There are many autobiographies and biographies available out there depending on the particular interests of your family member or friend.

One of our recommendations is Oh yes, oh yes! By Carl Cox, this riveting read takes you on the journey of Cox’s globe-spanning career and gets up close and personal with the artist, his music and his experiences. It’s enjoyable, inspirational and educational!

4.Record Player

Classic. Classy. A record player makes for a wonderful gift for music producers. There are many super stylish and throwback retro designs out there, such as the Audizio RP315.

Record players are only gaining in popularity and while they may not boast the convenience or portability of more modern music machinery, they are certainly beloved for the nostalgic and experiential qualities they offer.

5.Headphone Case

If you’re on the hunt for a more simple stocking filler, consider something like a good, sturdy headphone case. DJs and music producers who travel to clubs and gigs will appreciate just how convenient and helpful a solid headphone case can be.

As DJs ourselves, we can vouch for just how exciting and wonderful it can be to receive a thoughtful, unexpected present that just makes life that much easier!

6.Music-themed Everyday Items

If you’re budget conscious or just looking for a simple music production gift, consider going the music-themed route. Whether it’s a vinyl record coaster, some musically-themed bookends or even a mug, it’s often the sentimental thought behind the gift that counts.


7.Music Production Books

If you love the idea of purchasing a book as a gift but are not sure where to start, perhaps consider a book on music production, mixing or theory. These really helpful texts can be a god-send for many a music producer looking to take their technical proficiency and theoretical understanding up a level.

If you need a specific recommendation, check out Bobby Owsinski’s seminal classic, The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook. It’s an approachable and accessible book that covers everything you need to know about recording, mixing and mastering.

8.Smoke Machine

Got a DJ friend who would appreciate some extra gear for taking their live performances up a level? Something simple yet valuable like a smoke machine could be just the right gift.

Music production gifts tend to focus a lot on music production, for good reason. But there is a lot of potential to put together a unique and different experience that will enhance their musical performance through more than just technical audio production.

Have a browse through our smoke machines online HERE.

9.Studio Decor

If you have a DJ or music producer friend, chances are they have a home studio of some description. It can be expensive to deck out a studio, so often there’s not much studio decor to go along with the music creation hardware.

That’s what makes studio decor – from posters to actual artistically designed, soundproof wall panels – such a thoughtful fit. Plus, there’s a wide range of different decor options out there, you’re bound to find one that suits your budget.

10.Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are all the rage at the moment and for good reason: They’re convenient and they’re useful! Music producer friends of yours are undoubtedly thinking about or wanting to listen to music all the time, and a pair of well-fitted, compact and easy-to-pair wireless earbuds are the perfect solution.

11.Beamz StrobeMoon 2-in-1 Party Effect

The Beamz StrobeMoon is a fantastic present for any of your friends or loved ones who conduct live performances or musical gigs.

The StrobeMoon is a two-in-one device that allows DJs and artists to create two distinct effects with the one light fixture. The high powered LEDs are easy to use to light up any dance floor in a range of colours. Not to mention the strong stroboscope function…

12.Novelty T-Shirt

Simple, useful and affordable, novelty, music-themed T-shirts are fantastic for stocking fillers or that little extra present to top off your gift-giving. There’s as wide a range of T-shirts as your budget and preference requires, including even LED sound-activated T-shirts that contain an illuminating panel on the front that can be activated by sound and even has an adjustable volume sensor!

13.Karaoke Speaker Set

Who doesn’t love karaoke? The Bluetooth-connectable Fenton AV380BT Home Karaoke Speaker Set is an all-in-one party machine. The complete plug-and-play system supports everything from USB to SD Cards and – of course – Bluetooth.

With two microphone inputs, perfect for a duet, this karaoke system is the perfect gift for your loved one and will make for a fantastic addition to their next party.

Need more gift ideas? Call DJ City!

Whether you’re looking to splurge and spoil someone with something special or just need a thoughtful stocking filler to make your friend smile, reach out to the team at DJ City. We stock a wide range of equipment for DJs and music producers. And if we don’t have the right gift for you, we’ll help you come out with some fantastic ideas anyway.

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